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What is a data strategy?

What is a Data Strategy? A data strategy at its basic level reflects all the ways you capture, store, manage and use information, but why am I interested?  Well my area of interest is making strategic business decisions from analytics and insight – without accurate, consistent, and meaningful data we can not deliver actionable insight. […]

Good intentions for 2014

As we draw to the end of 2013 we all start to think about our plans for the new year. 2013 has been a difficult year and after a good start I could not find the time to write the articles that I had planned. Let’s hope that 2014 will be a better year. I […]

What is the Analytics Process?

Analytics – the path from data to strategy When I was thinking about creating this blog I wanted to think of a set of guiding principles that would guide the topics that I explore, and I think the blog strap line “Turning data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, insight into strategy” goes some way to […]

What drives giving to charity?

The drivers of giving – solicitation and awareness of ‘need’ There has been lots of studies over the years on exactly why people give money or time to charities, but I wanted to take a look at some of the main drivers of giving – because if we don’t understand these drivers how as marketers […]

ICO Data Protection Officers Conference 2013

I had a very interesting day today at the Information Commissioners annual conference for Data Protection officers. Over 800 DPO’s attended at the Manchester Central Conference Centre (with 300 on the waiting list). The day consisted of some key note speeches in the main auditorium  and some very interesting breakout sessions – particularly around the implications of the forthcoming […]

Introduction to customer insights

What are customer insights? Henry Ford is often quoted as saying, “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” In the early 1900s, customers knew they wanted something safer, cleaner, sturdier—and of course, faster—than their horse-drawn carriages. These were customers’ unmet needs but, if asked directly, customers could not possibly have […]

What do you mean by ‘strategy’ – Part 1

The strategy development process means many different things, what does it mean to you? As senior leaders within our organisations we are all challenged to be strategic in our thinking, and we have explored the meaning of strategy in another post. So if we have a better understanding of strategy as a concept how do […]

Building my new blog

My Blogging Journey I have played around with WordPress on a number of occasions, and even built a spectacularly unsuccessful affiliate marketing site but I have finally decided to have another go. I wanted to build it myself rather than pay someone to do it for me, and even though it’s very early days I […]

Development of a ‘Relationship’ approach

The evolution of mutuality and other relationship components When Professor Leonard L. Berry introduced the term relationship marketing in 1993 he recognised that a small body of associated literature had already started to develop.  He describes the work of Levitt (1981), Ryans & Wittink (1977) and Grönroos (1981).  Many of these writers had identified that […]

Theoretical Basis of Relationship Marketing

Where does ‘Relationship Marketing’ come from? The term “Relationship Marketing” entered the marketing vocabulary in the early 1980’s when Professor Leonard L. Berry (1983) used it in a paper for the American Marketing Association. The original thrust of Berry’s paper was to highlight the “restrictive and potentially wasteful” practice of relying on customer recruitment, when […]