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My Blogging Journey

I have played around with WordPress on a number of occasions, and even built a spectacularly unsuccessful affiliate marketing site but I have finally decided to have another go. I wanted to build it myself rather than pay someone to do it for me, and even though it’s very early days I am pleased with my progress and my learning – which is really what its all about.

So what have I learned so far?

  1. I can set up WordPress as a sub-site of my existing hosting
  2. You can’t find a theme that is perfect, you need to learn a little CSS even if its only to amend fonts and colours
  3. CSS is hard to figure out from a standing start, the only way to do it is to explore the style.css testing bits at a time and read the WordPress codex
  4. Make a back up of all your style.css changes, I have them in stored in word with comments as to my changes (but also back up your site)
  5. I have no idea what PHP is all about, but I do know if you change the functions.php it can kill your site! (just one blank line in the wrong place was 2 hours of blind panic)
  6. There is so much to learn
    1. Deciding on why you are blogging
    2. Targeting a limited number of topics that interest you
    3. Setting up your hosting
    4. Installing WordPress (configuring the database)
    5. Choosing and adapting a theme (with a little CSS)
    6. Structuring your site with categories and tags (choosing plugins)
    7. Defining your pages
    8. Writing content – writing for the web is a whole new skill
    9. Finding suitable images (learning a bit of image editing)
    10. Administering your site (comments, media, permissions, SEO)
  7. I have only just scratched the surface with blogging, I guess there are simpler ways (just choosing a blog might be one!), but I have really learned a lot of technical background that can only help me as a marketer in this new digital age


Shaun Williams

I am Head of Data & Insight for a major UK Charity having worked in the non-profit sector for nearly twenty years. I have a real interest in marketing strategy, innovation, data analysis, customer insight, and behavioural science.

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