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After nearly 20 years working within the charity industry I wanted to consolidate some of the things I have learned into one central resource. Primarily I am doing this for me. I want to consolidate my learning and construct a framework of topics that can act as a starting point for exploring new and interesting subjects.Insight

I am interested in all things marketing, but I have a paticular interest in strategic marketing, relationship marketing (as opposed to just CRM technology), the challenges of developing contact strategies, and the fascinating area of the psychology of giving and how as marketers we can nudge people to deliver social benefit. I have always been heavily involved in the data and analytical side of marketing but only where that data can be usefully employed to gain greater knowledge and deeper insight into customers or supporters wants, needs, and desires – as the strapline of this blog says we should all be “turning data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, and insight into strategy”

Business-Analytics-&-Information-Management-2If you are going to become involved in analysing data you need to understand the structure and nature of the analytical process, creating and managing analytical teams is another area of interest. Finally, and this more than anything demonstrates that I should get out more, I am really interested in the legal aspects of marketing. This is not an area that marketers are always comfortable, but good data protection is not just about the penalties which can be imposed by the Information Commissioner, it’s about building the trust of your customers  – proving that you, and your organisation, value everybody’s personal data – which leads us right back to the core principles of relationship based marketing.

When we think of relationship marketing there is the tendency to focus on the technology. A  few years ago we were all awash with CRM vendors pushing the latest and greatest software solution but they were never the complete solution. Relationship based marketing is just that, marketing that calls on the positive, open, honest, and trustworthy behaviours that we share as friends. Technology can help with volume and complexity but at the end of the day relationship marketing is about mutually beneficial behaviour between two parties who both believe they have a relationship.


Shaun Williams

I am Head of Data & Insight for a major UK Charity having worked in the non-profit sector for nearly twenty years. I have a real interest in marketing strategy, innovation, data analysis, customer insight, and behavioural science.

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